Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mobile Blogging From The PNE

I heart the PNE. It will always have a spot in me. It was one of my favorite places to go for many summers when I was a child. I was so excited and giddy about it as summer rolls around that my cousin, Karen, and I would write up a list of which rides we would on and in which order. (we were crazy kids... Well, and crazy adults now). It is just another carnival, some would say. With everything just the same as the last. But it does hold a whole lot of fun memories for me so this really isn't "just another carnival" for me. And I love that it's a local summer spot that hasn't really changed much. I get a bit of nostalgia and I love that some things could be just as simple and the same.

My parents used to let us have all the fun we can. We'd go early and leave late. It's the one time a year we get to share cotton candy. They'll wait hours for us to get on and off the rides. And they throw out a ton of money for us to play any games we want. We made artwork with paint and spinning paper. We've filled up bottles with colourful sand. Dad would try to win us each a stuffed animal. And he's also bought us all souvenirs to keep. As a child, it was heaven. And I'll always remember PNE that way. With such memories, it's easier to understand why I love it more than Disneyland.

PNE is a little different now as an adult. Instead of the rides and games, got to enjoy the rib rest with my friends today. Yummy!

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