Sunday, August 5, 2012

Making A Difference

We all somehow want to make a difference. Some people do it through volunteer work. Others do it through charity. There are an incredible amount of ways to make a difference.

Remember my smoking cessation post?

She came back several days later and told me she's been keeping her promise of fifteen cigarettes a day. She was beaming. So proud of herself.

We don't know how long this gleam of hope will last. Could be days. Months. Years. Forever. But if it's even for a moment, I'm pretty proud to say that I had something to do with it.

If you just think... if you could successfully get her to quit smoking some time down the road, and perhaps as a result of it buy her some more time in life to spend extra time with her family or even just to do more of what she loves to do... how great would you feel?

I may not be the one to find a cure to cancer. Or be one to create a movement towards world peace. But if I could just make a small speck of a difference in someone's life... I think that's pretty cool already.


I'm taking off on a happy note.

As I'm leaving town and leaving my electronics behind, I won't be blogging much. But rest assure, in a less macho way than the Terminator...I'll be back.

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