Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Matty's First Date

Matty threw a pizza party and invited his two girlfriends, Alayna and Sarah. He picked out one of his best baby blue outfits and spiffed up his hair. Moments before Sarah's arrival, his grandma took him for a weighing. At barely 3 months old, he weighed a hefty 18 lbs. A chubby monkey for sure. He only hopes Sarah and Alayna won't notice his extra round cheeks. Auntie Amie heard Auntie Karen greet Auntie Jen and Sarah at the door, so Auntie Amie scooped Matty up and walked down the stairs to the front door for Matty to meet Sarah for the very first time. By the time Auntie Amie made it to the bottom of the steps...

Matty fell asleep.

So for his very first party, the adults enjoyed the pizzas. Matty slept. And Sarah was left to play by herself under these toys. What a date.

But that's okay. Sarah was content staring at herself in the mirror. Very much so.

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