Friday, August 24, 2012

Family Reunion Cruise Highlights #1

Beet and feta cheese salad.

One of the biggest highlights of the cruise must have been the food. I've been on a few cruises before, but none of the food compared to this one. This is all food for the sit-down dinners we had each night. On top of the wonderfully presented, amazingly delicious food, we had exceptional service. Here are some of my favorites.

Rich mushroom soup.

Beef carpaccio.


Prime rib.

Most nights, I couldn't even fit dessert after dinner. I would mostly choose a sorbet. The cold and tangy seems to help with digestion. And the best part? Celebrity Cruises makes their own sorbets and ice creams on the ship. And you can totally tell! The flavours just burst inside your mouth. I would go back just for their sorbets. This one was the lychee.

Cedar plank sablefish.

Lobster tail.

Cold blueberry soup. So refreshing.

Rib eye steak.

Crab salad. With toasted coconuts and raisins. So good.

One of my favorite desserts. Strawberry shortcake with kiwi sorbet. The kiwi sorbet was the best part.

Baked Alaska.

Filet Mignon.

Melon and proscuitto salad.

Molten lava cake.

Chocolate souffle. One of my cousins taught me how to eat a souffle properly. You're suppose to poke a hole in the center of the souffle and pour the sauce in. Mix it around and enjoy. This one came with a vanilla sauce and ice cream.

Sometimes, in between courses, we got a tiny bit of sorbet for palate cleansing. I was given the mango tangerine at first, along with the rest of the kids I was sitting with at the table. "The orange one for the kids, the pink one for the adults!", the waiter announced. The pink one was a raspberry red wine sorbet. I'll take it as a compliment... that I look like a child. My cousins had a good laugh.

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