Sunday, October 13, 2013

12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon

I didn't participate but I went to check out their Raw Talent Exhibit. 12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon consisted of 60 photographers of both amateurs and professionals who spent one full 12-hour day taking one photo every hour of the twelve based on the theme they were given for that hour. They were only allowed to use a 35mm camera (a film camera). At the end of the 12-hour day (from 10am-10pm), they handed in their roll of film, and did not get to see the developed photos until the exhibit. The exhibit was held at the Scotiabank Dance Centre in downtown Vancouver.

This year, there were themes such as, "Metamorphosis", "So Close Yet Far", "I bet", and "My Favorite Thing". Every photographer's photos were displayed in the same order of the themes. We were given a piece of paper mapping which photo matches which theme, so you'd know clearly what the photographer had in mind when they were taking their photos.

The award winning photos were blown up either into canvases or put into frames, and hung on the side walls. It was very interesting seeing how each photographer interpreted each theme, and how they used their photography skills to tell their story. You can tell that some had more advanced photography skills than others. And some were too complicated to interpret. But all equally as enjoyable to take in. 

I had dragged my cousin to go with me, and before we went in, she had said, "Is this going to be weird and abstract and full of hippies?". After we went through most of the photos, I found that I totally enjoyed it. Turns out, so did she. 

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