Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bean Around The World

One of my favorite things to do is to hang out at a coffee shop. With family, or a friend, or alone. I could people watch. Have a good conversation with a friend. Read a book. Fiddle with my phone. Or stare out a window. (Yah, I do that too). I've been to quite a few coffee shops, but definitely haven't exhausted them all especially since they are so darn popular here in the west coast. But time after time, I still find myself coming back to Bean Around The World on Main St. I'm sure every local who frequents coffee shops has their own favorite for their own reasons, but I think this one would be mine.

I can't really pinpoint what makes it my favorite. Close to home? Good selection of drinks and treats? Abundance of free reading materials? Always a seat available? Hustling and bustling yet quiet environment? Plenty of window seats? Outdoor seating? Close to boutique shops on Main St? Big enough tables for me to spread out laptop, phone, newspaper, books, and everything else if I needed to? Friendly staff? Hmm, yes to all of the above but yet.. don't really know why it trumps any other good coffee shops. I guess I just like sticking to what I love.

I had the day off today, and I decided to make the most out of this gorgeous Fall day, and woke up at an hour when I'm normally still snuggled under my covers. By 9am, I was already sipping on my London Fog at Bean Around The World, watching people come and go with their morning coffee. One of the best things must have been seeing people rush off to work knowing that I didn't have to. I read a little and checked my email. After an hour of lounging around, I drove a few blocks north to meet up with my parents for brunch at Joe's Grill. Coffee shop and brunch (also one of my favorite things)? My day off was already to an awesome start.

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