Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The night after Thanksgiving dinner, we went for a healthier dessert - that is, dragonfruit. It apparently has a more formal name called "Pitaya" or "Pitahaya", and is the fruit of several cactus species. I was always kind of intimidated by this fruit. I mean... how do you even open it? But now that we've had it many times in the past few years... and if you're wondering, we can tell ya this is how it works. 

You can peel the red skin off like a jacket. It feels almost rubbery. But the inside flesh is very similar to a kiwifruit.

It has many black seeds that are edible, and gives it a nice subtle crunchiness when you bite them. 

We like to cut ours up into pieces before we devour. The flavour isn't very strong. It's sweet and refreshing but can be somewhat bland, which can be deceiving from its vibrant red exterior. I gotta admit that the first time I tried it, I found it rather disappointing. I was expecting a more exotic flavour. But now that I know what to expect, I quite like it. 

A bowl of dragonfruit and pomegranate makes for a healthy dessert.

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