Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wendy Proposed... And We Said Yes!

Ok, so wedding party duties for my cousin, Karen, are finally over. I say that with much love, and she knows it. I've always been pretty honest with the girls... being part of wedding party isn't all just partying. A lot of hardwork, sweat and tears...(ok, maybe not tears), go into party planning and helping out. I'm sure my borderline OCD doesn't help with matters when it comes to wanting the best for the girls I've been bridesmaids for. So when it's all done, I do let out a huge sigh of relief and seriously kick back and relax. 

Right after the wedding, Karen suggested a spa day for just us girls. To massage out all the kinks and knots. Of course, with our already crazy schedules, that spa day couldn't come any sooner... the soonest being a month after the wedding in order for us all to get together again. But when the day finally arrived, we were pretty darn excited to do a whole lot of nothing. 

The day was gorgeous. The sun was out but the air was crisp. The girls started off in the steam room, while I preferred to chillax outside on the deck. All those white sitting pods (or whatchamacallit) were all taken. I kicked back with a wedding magazine on a deck chair instead, and flipped through pretty photos mindlessly. Our friend Elliott, who happened to also be there at the same time, came over and said hi. "A wedding magazine?". 

"Yah, it has a lot of pretty stuff." There are no rules that someone who isn't engaged can't read wedding magazines. 

We spent some time bumming at the spa, dipping into the outdoor hot tub, sitting by the fire, and sipping on tea. After our massage treatments, we came out and met up in the lounge again. I was still half awake from my 60 minutes of bliss, when Wendy took off into the locker room and came running back out with two boxes for Karen and I. All I could remember was her on her knees and a whole lot of laughing. What was said or our reactions were a bit of a blur. 

Inside those boxes, marked with our initials, were ring pops. And why Wendy was on her knees was because... she proposed, "Will you be my bridesmaid??". It was the funniest thing. We went on to take several silly photos of her on one knee and us exaggerating our surprise and emotions (which I'll keep private). And of course, we said yes!

A while later, when Karen was in the shower, Wendy asked me, "Were you exaggerating?". 

"Exaggerating what?". 

Apparently, I kept on saying, "Seriously? Really, Wendy? Seriously?". 

I honestly had no clue and didn't see this one coming. I figured Wendy had plenty of friends she may be closer to than me. I was all ready to just be guest at her wedding! But she said she knew all along it would be us. And y'know what? When it comes as a surprise, it makes you feel kinda special. Well, I'm totally honoured. 

And so, just as we were sitting back and relaxing after a year of gongshow party planning (we literally called it a gongshow throughout the year - that being Karen's wedding), roles have switched and we're going right back into it! Haha. Marking my fifth wedding party duty. Oh boy.

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