Monday, October 7, 2013

Richmond Night Market

When it is nice out, I love hanging out outside. Wherever that may be. During the summer, one of the places I like to check out are the night markets. It takes a certain mood sometimes to go though, because as much as I like wandering from stand to stand and eating all the good eats, I'm not big on crazy crowds, (and I do mean crazy), and not to mention the traffic and problems finding parking. But, leave it to my friend, Kat, to know exactly the right time to go to avoid all those things.

It was the perfect night to go to the night market. The weather was nice. It wasn't crowded. And the line-ups to the food stands were manageable. We made our first round just to see what there was to choose from, and then went back to line-up at what we decided on. We went with the German roasted pork hock (recommended by our friend, Will), squid, and imitation shark fin soup.

We were stuffed to the max. Everything was so delicious! I'd definitely recommend the pork hock if anyone decides to visit the Richmond night market. I love that it's become more of a multicultural variety, and the quality of the food seems to have gotten better. It isn't always cheap, but I still think it's worth the experience. I'm not sure if you've ever felt the same, but there is something about eating outside at a carnival or food market that sometimes makes it extra enjoyable. 

Along with good food, we found some $0.33 pens (great for work since I like to work with coloured ink), and some fun nail art supplies.

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