Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maddy, Age 3

Maddy came over without her older sister, Mia, for our grandma's 90th birthday lunch. Maddy is my cousin's daughter, which also means she came for her great-grandmother's 90th birthday. Three generations - pretty cool. 

 She is such a ham. I think I've said that about her before on this blog. Well, she's still a ham. She has so many expressive faces. One minute, she'll give you the biggest smile. The next minute, she'll pretend to be annoyed at you. Then she'll burst into laughter thinking she's the funniest person alive. 

She called her toys "dollies". I asked her to show me her dollies, and she made them kiss. Not that two males can't kiss, but we have a feeling Maddy doesn't know the pink guy with a bow, Birdo, is actually a boy. What she does know is that they're both characters from the Super Mario Bros., and that Shy Guy is given that name because he never takes his mask off. And she goes on to repeat this story about five times. 

While Maddy's older sister, Mia, is away on a play-date with mommy, she gets to come over to our house. I thought, although nice to celebrate great-grandmother's birthday, what fun is it to be here. I was wrong once she found our ipad. Then she didn't want to leave. Even though she's too young to get all the strategies to the games Bubble World and Papa Pear, those games lasted a great time.

And just as she was leaning closer and closer to the cake, because she wants to help great-grandma blow the candles on her cake... my camera battery died. 

She is still one of the cutest ever. They really grow up way too fast. (She's the younger one in this blog post. She had no hair back then!)

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