Sunday, October 20, 2013

Apple Festival @ The UBC Botanical Gardens

This is my first time at the Apple Festival held at the UBC Botanical Gardens every Fall. Because of my work schedule, I was only able to make it on the second day of the 2-day event, and of course, by then, three-quarters of the apple selection was gone. I was however still able to snatch up a couple of bags of really good apples that you do not normally see in the supermarket.

What I didn't expect was the turnout. I knew it was a popular festival but I was still surprised by the crowd. Parking close by was hard to find, so most people ended up at a parkade about a five minute ride away. Good thing there was a designated bus to take people from the parkade to the festival site. So we got to ride on the special bus.

We got there about half an hour after opening, and there was already a huge line-up to get in. There were a lot of families with kids, so it was much suitable that we had brought our friend's daughter along with us.

There were big pies and individual-sized pies of different flavours. Plain apple, strawberry apple, blueberry apple, raspberry apple... you name it. I got an individual-sized plain apple pie, and it was super delicious. I, of course, have to take my obligatory photo of the inside of everything I eat so you could see. Meanwhile, I was busy reading up on every apple description and sampling dried apple chips, and forgot to take photos of the actual piles of apples.

Ray chomps on a perfectly red Salish apple. Both sweet and tart. A perfect eating apple.

Lyla got the enjoy a little bit of the children's area.

Aurora Golden Gala and the Salish apples are a local type of apple. We are ever so lucky to have fresh fruits growing nearby. And they are yummy. Crisp and sweet. The Golden Gala is a little sweeter than the Salish.

Time to sample those apples.

Even though I spent 5 years studying at UBC, I don't remember coming into the Botanical Garden. With entrance to the Apple Festival, everyone got to enjoy the grounds of the garden. 

We were lucky we decided to purchase apples right when we got in, because by the time we left, they were all gone!

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