Friday, January 20, 2012

Jacky Cheung - Half Century Tour

I still remember a conversation I had with one of my coworkers from Victoria. It was days before I left Victoria, and each one of my coworkers took me out individually as a last hoorah. Terri and I went to Starbucks. As we sat there sipping on our coffees, Terri told me she bought tickets to the Nutcracker that Christmas. She was going to bring one of her sons. 

She said to me, "When you're about to buy something, think of the 10-10-10. How much will you like it in 10 days... will you still have it in 10 months... will you still remember it in 10 years." She then explained that she got the Nutcracker tickets not because she liked ballet. Her son will probably not remember the show. But, in 10 years, her son will look back and remember the day they went and the moment they shared.

Last week, after a long day of work meetings, I rushed home to pick up my mom. We went to Jacky Cheung's Half Century Tour. I had bought these tickets three months ago. Unfortunately, my dad had to work or he would have loved to be there too. Jacky Cheung is classic. Almost every Chinese person knows his songs. And his vocals are AMAZING... the range of his voice is true talent. Nonetheless, I wanted to take my mom to something I thought she may enjoy. Jacky is loved by all ages. 

Rogers Arena was packed. My friends were scattered throughout the arena also. We were either texting or facebooking each other. "OMG, sooooo excited!". To be honest, I was lookin' forward to listening to some of those old classics, but I wasn't really excited excited beforehand. But once I got there, I couldn't contain it. 

He made a super nice tribute to the late Sum Deen Ha. Really cute.

The lighting. The theme behind it. The songs. Oh, the songs... 

I loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. When it came to an end, it was bittersweet. I love Jacky! My mom, as I had guessed, loved it as much as I did. She came home raving about it to my dad. He laughed at her skippity-hop giddiness.

We were sitting in the nosebleed section. And the tickets were $129 a pop. But I'll remember this show 10 minutes from the show, 10 days after the show, 10 months... and in 10 years. For a mother-daughter night out? It was worth every shiny penny.

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