Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pies For Rainy Skies

Welcome to Acme on West Hastings.

Shum and I had made plans during the holidays to hit up Acme together, but of course, I had to misread my work schedule and ended up having to cancel. I was super miffed. Shum's an out-of-towner now, and I thought I'd get to hang out with her during the holidays. I made her promise me not to go until we can go together. I'm demanding like that sometimes.

I was sitting in the lunchroom on my break at work yesterday, pondering over what I should do on my day off today. My last day off, Sunday, was spent cooped up at home because of the miserable weather outside. I thought today would be the same. Hmm... I spend all week looking forward to a day off, and that's how it'll be...

...then my phone buzzed.

I got a text message from Shum. "Are you off tomorrow?".



"What??? But you said the next time you're in town will be in February!".

She was in town to surprise her parents for the New Year. But I got the surprise just the same. I was ecstatic! And my would-have-been gloomy, miserable day was turned upside down.

That's Shum with her Italian sausage sandwich and her root beer float. 

"You're going to take a photo of the bottle, aren't you." Ahh, she knows me well. The Pop Shoppe. Have you seen it before? Cute bottle. 

After our brunch, we had to have pie. Acme is known for their pies. There was a great selection of it today, but we chose the banana coconut and the lemon meringue. Mmm...

To walk off the food coma, we ended up in PC. We hit up H&M and each found some loot to take home. Then, it was T&T next. 


I was there to see if I could find any Chinese New Year treats and swag on discount. Other people were rummaging through the sweets as we were. It was like we were teleported back to the 80's when we were young. "OMG, my mom used to buy these when we were young!". 

"I used to love these peanut candy!".

"Oh, look at these chews! I remember eating those too!". 

I swear all the see-lai's and retirees shopping on a Tuesday afternoon at T&T were all staring at us through all our excitement. We took our sweet time combing through every aisle and constantly had to refill our car meter with money. I was particularly horrified to see Horlick for $8. I was standing there staring at the product for some time. 

"When did it become $8??? Why is it more expensive than Ovaltine? Why is it in a glass jar now? So we have to pay more for packaging?? $8 for Horlick??". 

"Okay, we gotta go. You're starting to look a little crazy talking to yourself." Shum had to pry me away, but I dumped a Horlick in our basket anyway. 

It was pouring and miserable outside. But for rainy skies, there were pies. All in all, a wonderful day with my muffy sis. 

( We've been calling each other "muffy sisters" since highschool; when we bought matching ear muffs one crazy winter. Those were our teen years.)

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