Friday, January 13, 2012

Made With Love

Twenty-five is too much to post, so here are some.

I've been obsessed with grey this year. Do not know why. This card was done as I went along with specific colour choices in mind. I ended up loving the design of this card so much, it popped up similarly in other cards as well. I love the grey, red, silver, gold and white combination.

I love the soft blue with white polkadot background. Making for a much shofter card. I thought the birdie stamp was super cute. Coloured him that way to match the background... and of course, the hat has to be red, which made it pop. Kinda weird... I got the idea of the colour theme from the recipient's livingroom colours. I'm secretly in love with her livingroom.

I knew I wanted to give this recipient something colourful and bright and fun. To hopefully put some cheer in her holidays. Just something to offset some of the tough times she's been through this year. 

This recipient is an avid card maker as well. What do I have that she doesn't already have? For one, the cricut cut-outs ... for now! I spent an entire night at Kat's trying to figure out the sentiment. The stamps and sentiment cut-outs I had didn't seem to fit this card. I needed something small and cute. Not large and fancy or loud. I ended up writing out the sentiment. Which may not be the neatest... but I think it fit the card the best.

The recipients (a couple) of this card has kids. Hence the more kiddy, colourful look of it all. I loved making this card because of all its layers.

The credit goes to kwerner designs for the design of this card. I love the houses. You cannot tell by this photo... but the windows with the lights on also sparkle. 

I had told this recipient, we always have a hoot together!

This started off actually as a mistake. I cut out the words way too big. But with a few sparkles and design tweaking, this turned out to be my mom's favorite pick out of all the cards. I must say... it's rather festive. Love it.

Black ribbon always brings a card a bit of elegance. Which is what I think suits the recipient perfectly.

I love the background paper... the starry starry night. And the two snowmen enjoying a joyous snowflake moment. The ribbon is a double-sider colour ribbon. You can't tell in this picture.. but the circle is 3D. Umm, yah I just love love love this one.

Some of my best moments of 2011 is when we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate (or tea or coffee) on the couch. I knew that penguin needed to be holding a cup... so I drew one and cut it out. Oiy is right.

I love buttons! Thanks Kat for the array of button choices. It's different. It's cute. Hence why I think it fits the recipient. That pink heart button is actually on its own... but sticking it on top of another button makes it stand out perfectly.

Yellow represents this recipient's bright and bubbly personality.

This card probably took the longest. I thought the recipient would enjoy the complicated, three-dimensional-ness of this card. And he totally did! It's suppose to represent snowy mountains...

Too much talking. Here are a few more ...

This is not exhaustive, but that's it, m'friends!

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