Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet Treats Some More

I thought I would lay off the chocolates and sweets once the holidays were over, but...


We got these super yummy chocolates from Germany. Thanks, Julia! Whenever a coworker travels and comes back, we get awesome chocolate. That's Deanna, by the way. We slacked for all of five minutes to dive into those sweets and to take that mandatory silly photo of our excitement for good chocolate. (Deanna is my walking recipe book; mentioned a couple times already on this blog). Check out the Hussel website. So many pretty things! Germany, anyone?

That was at work. 

Then there were sweets at home.

Homemade baked goods. Thanks, Ming's coworker! Melt and soften it a little with the microwave, and they are amazing with a glass of milk. 

Ming ate his cold. "Oh yah, why didn't I think of microwaving it? ".

' Cause I'm S-M-R-T.

Thanks for all the sweet treats!

.... Gotta hit the gym.

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