Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Card Series

They call it a "series" when several of anything is similar or done with similar materials one after another. So, here is my two-card series. Same card stock. Same background. Done back to back. But for two different occasions. 

Can I say it when I adore one of my work? I love the wedding card that I made this time. I think the tiffany blue kinda aqua is so gorgeous for a wedding card. And I had so much fun making a veil and a bowtie for the love birds. Of course, I couldn't get away from my Sook-Wang tape glitter powder border. I love the simplicity of it. And I love the bold colours of the birds popping out from the soft background.

The second one is much more simple. I didn't want to go overboard with extravagance on a thank you card. I practiced writing "Thank You" in Chinese a gazillion times and it still turned out looking pretty shitty. I had to convince the OCD part of me that imperfection is what makes it personal. So I let it go and I was fine with it. This card made me wish I had a corner rounder. Good thing, since making the card and writing this post, I went out and bought myself one, so in future, I would hopefully curse at myself less.

On another note, I've taken many photos in the last little while but been feeling less inspired to write and post. But with Tony Bennett playing in the background tonight soothing the old soul inside of me, it somehow compelled me to pump out at least this one post.


  1. you are so good at making cards! i think you have card making talent