Friday, September 28, 2012

Family Reunion Cruise Highlights #8 - Family Cha Cha

Whenever the live band starts to play, my aunt and uncle takes the dance floor so naturally and begins to dance. From the cha cha, to the waltz, to the fox trot... they knew it all. They're both in their 70's now, but they danced together ever since before they even got married when they were in their 20's. And when good music plays, they will dance. All these years. It's beautiful. 

With parents who love to dance, some of my cousins picked up a step or two from them. Even the ones with two left feet. Some went on to take a couple of their own classes. But it was all out of own interest and pure fun. So, when there wasn't much to do (ie. watching ice sculpture carvings doesn't tickle our fancy), we scoped the cruise ship for an empty spot to practice some cha-cha. 

At a family reunion, you're not allowed to not join in. Although reluctant at first, I learned a few steps too. It's not all new to me. I took ballroom for fun in my university days. But dancing with my cousins and uncle was a totally different experience. What I loved most is knowing that one activity can bring an entire family together. And at this moment in time, we didn't have a care in this world and enjoying some quality family time. Doing the cha cha. 

There were kids... 0-10 years old. Teens. My brother in his 20's. Me in my 30's. My cousins in their 40's. My mom in her 50's. My dad in his 60's. And some of my uncle and aunts in their 70's. And we were all dancing. It'll become a memory that none of us will forget.

(Top two photos : my dad's sister is teaching him cha cha moves. Bottom two photos : cousin with her daughter. And two other cousins dancing together).

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