Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family Reunion Cruise Highlights #4 - Maddy

Maddy : "Nooo... you can't have any....miiiinnne".

Maddy : "Mine."

Maddy : "No Auntie Amie, these are mine."

Me : "Ok, can I at least get a smile?".
Maddy : "CHEEEeeeeese!".

Maddy : "You can have these ones."

Maddy : "Are you still taking pictures?".

Maddy is the youngest in the family. She is two and ridiculously adorable. She is a cheeky monkey. She is normally bubbly and full of smiles and loves to make people laugh, but when she misses nap time, she can have a cranky side. Watching her can give you a good workout. She loved going up and down... and up... and down... the stairs even though she isn't quite big enough to go up and down the stairs properly. She would drag you into the gift shop and spin the stand of earrings around and around, and goes out kicking and screaming when you pull her away from it. But even then, she's super cute doing it. When she says "pee pee", it's a sign that you have to pick her up and GO... even if you ask her a second later, "Do you need to go pee pee?" and she replies, "Noooo." When you mention the words "baby monkey", she gets a little weary. Baby monkey is an ipod touch /iphone game that she has but she is afraid of the monkey. Everytime you mention the words, she looks at you with worried eyes thinking this "baby monkey" will pop out of somewhere. But, when you ask her to sing the "baby monkey" song, which is the song from the game... she will be all smiles and sings if for you along with her own little dance. That's Maddy.

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