Monday, September 10, 2012

Thierry In The Summer

There was a post about Thierry in the winter. And this time, it's in the summer.

Thierry has their own house made sodas that come in flavours of elderberry/apple, white plum, sarsparilla, and ginger. On one rather cold summer day, (which was one out of not too many this summer), I still decided to go for something chilled and refreshing. I went with the elderberry/apple soda and it was so, so good. Would have been perfect if it was actually a hot summer day. 

I gave their macarons a second try. The first time I tried a red-coloured macaron from Thierry (cannot remember the flavour), it stained my mouth red. It was almost horrific how much food colouring they use. I decided to give it a second try before I give up on all their macarons, and went for a blackberry and a salted caramel one. And unfortunately, they just don't live up to the hype of macarons. I'm no macaron expert but I've tried enough (and made enough) to know that these just aren't... it. The blackberry macaron had no blackberry flavour other than an actual blackberry sandwiched in between the two almond shells. Salted caramel was indeed salted caramel, but nothing really amazing to write home about. 

Even though I may never buy another macaron from Thierry again, I have to say that I do love their desserts. I've tried some of their mini cakes and they were all very good. Cake moist. Flavourful mousse. Pretty to the eye. We ended up buying an espresso chocolate cake for KDer's birthday... and surprisingly, it wasn't too heavy or too sweet. And everyone enjoyed it.

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