Monday, September 17, 2012

For A Canucks Fan

This cake has a lychee buttercream with lychee pieces as its filling.

While Kat worked on the bigger parts of it (like baking the cake), I worked on the details. It's a good thing that we both enjoy doing different things. I went to work with balls of fondant, coloring, and many fondant tools. My impatience in getting the right colour into the fondant (working too much colour at one time) left my hands dyed blue for a couple of days. I painted the orca logo copying it off a t-shirt... don't worry, it's all edible.

Kat layered on the fondant, and I drew in the stitches. This looks more like an albino pumpkin than anything.

The back.

The front. 

I don't know who Eddy is, but I sure darn hope he was happily surprised for his birthday. Pretty fun when a client tells you a theme and lets you choose to do whatever you please. Thanks Kat! For the opportunity. 

Have to tell you the funny story behind this cake... 

Kat insisted on baking the cake in a bowl. I had major doubts that would work. I would have baked it all in layers, stacked the cakes, and carved the shape. But, Kat wanted to save time and see if it would work. Never say no to Kat of course. So, into the oven the cake went... in a bowl. Checking up on the cake many times between bakes showed that the cake was not cooking. Eventually, had to give up on the idea of baking it in a bowl. There is a reason why there are bundt cake pans! 

So, Kat turned off the oven. Left the cake inside. And we went out with a group of us to enjoy some delicious hot pot before we came back with plans to start all over again and bake another cake. Almost three hours later, (dinner and a grocery trip to get more eggs), we returned back into the kitchen. I had already started separating the eggs, when Kat yelled, "STOP!". 

She decided to check the cake one last time when she took it out of the oven, and surprise surprise.... it was cooked! We chopped the middle section and had a taste... and by golly, it was cooked and moist. We tasted quite a bit of it to make sure that we weren't just imagining it. The cake actually cooked pretty well in a bowl ... in super low heat for three hours. Who would have thought... 

We both thought it was nuts. Had we not left the cake inside the oven before leaving, it would have gone to waste. Had we not eaten hot pot, dinner wouldn't have taken so long... and it wouldn't have cooked either. We were both shouting... "INSANE!!". 

Anyway, although possible, we aren't about to write a book about how you can bake a cake in a bowl in THREE hours. Who would do that? But, never say never... it is indeed... possible.

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