Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Stomper


Sarah at 3.5 Months. She's a stomper. She enjoys being held up standing on a table. And when you do, she'll stomp her feet. Quite forcefully so you can hear a little feet kind of thud

She is quite long, which makes us think she may turn out to be a tall one. Her daddy makes the comment, "But her arms aren't that long." 

Her mommy adds, "Yah, like a little T-Rex". 


She looks at Sarah and adds, "But I love youuuu!".

Look at her cute shoes! Even Sarah was admiring them herself... she couldn't stop staring at them. She's quite the mellow baby. At least right after nappy and a good feed. If you talk to her, she'll talk back. She's a yakker. She is ridiculously cute. Auntie Amie adores you!

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