Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family Reunion Cruise Highlights #6 - Play Time

One of babysitters' best friends is ... Play-Doh.

The kids spent an entire afternoon playing and building with Play-Doh. My cousins had brought tubs and tubs of it to entertain the kids. Along with Play-Doh, they used their own imagination to scope for other things they could use from around the ship. They found some toothpicks from the dining area, umbrellas from the bar, and straws from the drinks counter.

My cousin's 12-year-old, McKenna, taught me how to make roses with play-doh. 

With the roses, they thought of building a garden. This garden has a pathway that leads you into the fenced area and is surrounded by pebbles. Look at the mess in the background.

Here is one view of the garden. And oh yes, there are palm trees.

Lindsay made a fountain out of the Play-Doh container itself.

Of course, the fountain is right next to the house.

Here is someone else's rendition of a house.

Hayley shows me her little creature. Whatever that is... hah. Isn't it cute?

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