Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Lil' Tristan

I cannot get enough of this little guy's smile and giggles. He is crazy adorable. Today is his 1st birthday, and his mommy and daddy threw him a birthday party. He took a nice long nap right through half of it. His little friends were all so well behaved playing quietly with his toys waiting for his arrival to his own party. When he did finally wake up from his nap, even though still groggy, he was as happy as ever. It isn't hard for him to get him to smile. Once let loose, he made sure he explored his party scene. Grabbing plates off the table, grabbing balloons, grabbing cake... even running to another little one's dad before he got to him... he was right in there for all the action. It was one great party with his family and friends.

Happy Birthday, little one! I can't believe you're already one. Can't wait to continue to watch you grow.

(Can you see the St. John's Ambulance logo peeking through the background of the card photo? My first aid cert doubled as background. Hah...good enough).

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