Thursday, September 6, 2012

Family Reunion Cruise Highlights #5 - Me Time

Family reunions are of course for family time. I love my family, and everyday I feel blessed that I have such amazing people in my life. I have a great extended families with 10+ cousins on each of my mom and dad side. And even though with my dad side, we're separated by distance (most of them live in the States), every time I see them, I still feel very close to them. We all get along and love and care about each other. Family events and special occasions are always so festive and warm. I love it. 

But, even on a week-long family reunion, I still need my "me" time. To enjoy the stillness and tranquility. To soak in the moment. To think about nothing much at all. And it is at moments like these that I got to enjoy these amazing views. One of my favorite places to hang out was at the back of the boat. With a glass of wine (actually, it was my martini poured into a wine glass because for whatever reason, martini glasses were not allowed outside), looking out into the deep blue evening, I was at my calmest. Likewise in the morning, I would hang out at this same spot with my cup of tea, and look out to the dewy sunrise.

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