Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mobile blogging - Tea With The Ladies

I'm been looking forward to some down time with some of my close friends. I was invited to afternoon tea by Kathy, one of my cousin's coworkers. There was also Wendy and Jen, two of my good friends dated back from elementary school.

Two old friends. One that has been around all my life.  The other I've known also since I was 7, but had split paths going to different schools and living in different countries for a few years, but now together again in Vancouver. And the third, a relatively new friend. And we were all together enjoying a lovely afternoon over tea.

I love a good girl's get together. Of course, there was girl talk. Can't remember the last time I had such a gut-wrenching laugh. We were probably a little obnoxiously loud. Can't wait till our next get-together.

(Horrible photo quality due to me forgetting to remove the plastic over the camera on this replacement iphone. )

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