Friday, September 28, 2012

Mobile blogging - What Makes You Smile

A little bit of anger was stewing inside of me by the time my break rolled around. The pharmacy was chaotic when I stepped in. And the sad part is knowing that it's not because we were incredibly busy... But because of the lack of efficiency. I'm always pro team work, but when teammates don't pull their slack and you end up always cleaning up the mess, you naturally get a little angry.

A blister pack was shoved to me and I was told, "this is due. Do u want to check it? Or I can".

So I replied nicely, "yah, you can".

I don't like being abrupt and angry, but at the same time, why was I asked if I could do it if they could? Especially when I was already doing five other things just like everyone else was.

Nonetheless, I ended up going on my break late and I'm now sitting here rubbing the temples of my head hoping this tension will go away.

Right at the beginning of my break though, I received a text. And I was all smiles again. ( the last two messages. Not even my own daughter but still so very exciting and happy).

Regardless, work is not called
Work for no reason. Gonna take it in strides. And perhaps be inspired by my brother who quit his job yesterday. To follow his dreams.

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