Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Posting about Christmas Eve in January may seem a little odd, but since the holidays didn't leave much time for blogging, here it is now. (2nd last post about 2012!).

Christmas Eve is probably one of my most favorite days of the year. And I've probably talked about it many times in this blog before. It has evolved from playing with my cousins and singing Christmas carols around the piano with my relatives when I was a kid, to now gathering my friends (that I've met throughout life so far) under my aunt's roof, and doing nothing too crazy special at all. Every year, we'd have an enormous secret santa gift exchange. We'd gobble on my aunt's delicious cooking. And we'd end the night off chatting away while we all fall into a food coma, and my highschool friends and I still to this day, exchange and open gifts after midnight. 

Without fail, by the time the clock strikes midnight, and we all yell, "Merry Christmas!" across the house, I'm just filled with immense warmth and contentment. This is what it's all about. It is what anything is about. The festivities. The cheerfulness. The laughs and smiles. And most of all, the togetherness. 


This Christmas was extra special. Last Christmas, there were three expecting moms at the party. This year, there were three new babies. The above photo is Timmy. Such a good boy, he is.

Of course, Sarah dropped by. She was so intrigued with everything Uncle Pete had to say. And was even more interested why there was another person her size sittin' infront of her. 

I've said that this baby is full of expressions. Here is one of them. Sarah shows Timmy one of her many talents : blowing raspberries.

She is such a cutie pie. I can't get enough of her.

Okay... just a tad obsessed with baby Sarah.  But I'm not the only one... 


Anyways, the party goes on. We dove right into our 3-hour long secret santa gift exchange.

It's hard to find the best $10 gift after years and years of gift exchanging with the same friends and families, but every year, it always ends up in crazy laughter.

Yvonne tries to strategically choose the right gift. Hmm, which one should she go for?

Pete goes, "How about baby?".

Karen ends up with the "best" gift - a lava lamp!

Wendy and her antlers candle holder.

And the rest was history.

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