Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wendy's 32nd

Party time!

Wendy (or was it Cliff?) put together a pretty good jalapeno pepper appy. A good mixture of salty (from the bacon), creamy (from the cheese), and heat (from the pepper). 

Interesting Walnut on top of goat cheese and apricot. I'm sure it's yummy if you actually like goat cheese (unlike moi). 

Hmm, Wendy set her bedroom ambiance a little early. (Guests were still over, Wendy!) She burnt her candles purposely to cast these specific shadows on her wall.

Wendy attempting to open her bottle of champagne...

... which left some of us scared and hiding.

Ahh, the champagne bottle was successfully opened and nobody was hurt.

We added a cassis syrup to it which made it extra tasty and girly pretty.

Before we drink...

... we gotta toast!

Present-opening time!

The serving platter I got Wendy. She loves all things wood.

Not sure what was happening in the next series of photos but Celia got her some great bathroom necessities.

You'd think they had just won the lottery. But no, Karen just wrote Wendy a cheque for her friendship. ( In reality, a Ming Wo gift certificate and a house plant).

Cathy gave her some more wood. So much wood! Think that means Wendy had a splendid 32nd!

(Not everyone at the party were pictured. But I can vouch that Wendy has more friends than shown.)

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