Thursday, January 3, 2013

Made With Love (Another Year)

For my batch of Christmas cards for 2012, I wanted to keep them simple. There was generally two different designs. One was fine glitter and sookwang tape and styrofoam stickers, and the other design was simply of stamping. There was again 25 cards made and they were all of a variation of the above. One thing that stayed the same for all was the brown, raw-looking cardstock. Sometimes, I enjoy giving the cards more than the presents. To be honest, when people look forward to opening up your card more than your present because they know it'll be homemade... it makes me a little warm and fuzzy inside. And after all these years of making my cards, I still enjoy it. 

(Sorry, there are about a handful of cards I have yet to get to their recipient. So, if you're reading this post... it's a spoiler).

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