Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Green Monster

There are so many different variations to blend a smoothie, but after watching several YouTube vlogs and random videos on people packing in more veggies and fruits for their vitamins and minerals by blending, I thought I'd give it a try too. I've done many fruit smoothies before with fruit and yogurt, fruit and milk, etc... but never tried the vegetables. 

I decided to go simple on the first try. (Some people add herbs and different kind of greens). I would have added a lemon if I had some but just ran out. 

As a tip I've heard over and over again, always blend your greens first with water so you don't clog the blender. And then add in the fruits. 

This one was without the blueberries just for photo sake. The bright green is gorgeous!

Things I learned : 

.. Spinach, when blended, tastes like not much at all. I tried drinking it straight so I can say it doesn't have much flavour. This makes it great for smoothies because then it doesn't change the flavours much of a fruit smoothie.

.. Blueberries change the colour of any green smoothie to a muddy brown. Doesn't look great but still tastes amazing. 

.. I've always sworn by my magic bullet. It blended well. Turned my spinach into a fine liquid. Pulverized my frozen mangoes. And I love how very handy and small it is (rather than lugging a large blender to the kitchen counter or leaving one sitting there). However, with my current obsession with blending, I've totally overworked my bullet, and burnt out the motor. So, maybe not the most long-lasting thing ever, but it's been a few years. Next, I'm looking into getting the Ninja. Consumer Reports has claimed it to be just as powerful as the Vitamix and Blendtec just missing their heating function. For a fraction of their cost (and size), that may be my next blender. (Although do think it's one of the ugliest). 

.. These smoothies are deliciouussss! And refreshing. And with no extra sugar added... just plain fruit and veggies... it's good for you. I'm obsessed.

Once I finished blending my first drink, I exclaimed, "Ooooh, look at that green monster!". And since then, I've been calling it the Green Monster every time I have one (even though it's not green every time). The name has stuck.

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