Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not Done With 2012

The holidays were so hectic that it made blogging virtually impossible. So let's back it up and do a few recaps on the good times that were had.

It was Christmas party time at the Sohal household. And of course, when it comes to the Sohal's, it all has to happen in style. We were treated to delicious catering, a beautifully decorated party room, and a gorgeous view of False Creek. 

Earlier that day, the second snowfall of this winter had hit the city, and there were troubles on the roads. (It's Vancouver. When it snows, it's chaos. Even if just a dusting of fluff). I made it to work, but several coworkers were hours late do to traffic and a bad transit system that shuts down upon snow. So anyway, by the time party time rolled around at night, the roads were pretty much clear, except for the pile-ups by the sides. 

I thought I was running late, which left me a little flustered. I quickly made it to their area, pulled up to the side on West 2nd, and parked my car. I gathered my purse, their present, my umbrella (it was raining), my gloves, my jacket... wearing my silk dress and shiny flats, and carefully stepped out of my car into the slush. I straightened up my posture while balancing on slippery ice, opened up my umbrella, and looked up to find a woman running out of Sin Bin (a restaurant that I had parked infront of) who clearly wanted my attention. 

She so kindly told me, "This is a no parking area. You might want to move your car."

"Oh, thanks!".

I had even looked up at the "no-parking" sign and read it as "yes, park here." 

So now.. I had to swing all my belongings back into the car, step back into the puddle of slush, and find a real parking spot. Luckily, I found one not so far away, but the pile of snow next to the curb made it difficult for me to park. My car was half in half out. Oh well. Good enough. 

I walked into the party with my hair blown to one side and the umbrella dripping wet... and without much thought of why I didn't pile my coat and purse onto the sofa like everyone else, I dumped my things into Jen's baby stroller. Classic Amie. One hot mess. 

But, I made it to the party and had a great time. It's so good hanging out with your closests and talking about nothing and everything. Baby Sarah made another appearance. Thanks, Gurm and Allie - for being great hosts!

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