Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Last Post About 2012

New Year's Eve. This year, I got the best of both worlds. I got a quiet, low key board game night with family and friends, and got to chow down once more on Auntie Irene's amazing homecooked dinner, and then party-hopped to my rowdy group of friends for the countdown. Over the years, we've gone through numerous board games. We finished every edition of Cranium and played it so much that we all have the cards memorized. This year, we whipped out a spunked up version of Taboo. It comes with a purple puppet namely Bendy Bob.

There are several game categories on the board, but one of them is charades using only Bendy Bob as your tool. Wendy reads the word off her card, and then proceeds to use Bendy Bob to act out the word or phrase.

So apparently, when you're flinging your arms open as if you're flashing someone, it's suppose to mean or represent the phrase, "winning the lottery". And for the rest of the night, we ragged on Wendy... "that was winning the lottery!?". 

Bryan, a new addition to our family fun nights (our cousin's bf/bff), fit right in. We had an interesting conversation about food (he's a chef), and what constitutes as good or not-so-great food. He claims quite often, food can be wrongly classified as "not good", when people are expecting something innovative and "different", but fail to realize that the food is actually quite good, simply because it was prepared well. I agree.

Ray puts in his own facial expressions into Bendy Bob charades. And Joanne gets serious with pictionary.

When games were done, everyone chillaxed around the Christmas tree, playing with their phones. 

And when Wendy realized I was taking photos of them, she gave me a stinky foot in my face. Classy, Wendy. Classy.

Right before midnight, I drove out into the thick fog and made it to Kat's where I did my countdown with my awesome group of highschool/dragonboat/friends/friends of friends of friends/friend's babies. I got to party it up with MacMac. She's such a trooper - letting her parents party till midnight. The house was a gongshow. Brings me back to good ol' dragonboat days. It all lasted till the wee mornin' hours and with a hysterical laughing fit between the girls that apparently had everyone still talking about it for the next few days. 

Anyway, a perfect New Years Eve to start off a perfect New Year!

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