Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How I Spent Boxing Day

Alright. So I'm completely guilty for booking off Boxing Day most years, but not utilizing it for scoping out sales. I cannot be bothered with crowded malls, crazy people, and for a whole lot of nothing. This year, I decided to escape the city madness and go up to winter wonderland up at Mt. Seymour. There was a mountain warning of heavy snowfall and snowtires and/or chains were recommended. I vaguely remember the same warning last time, and it turned out completely clear, so we decided to trek up there and have a look anyway. And yah, it definitely was snowing, but the roads were good.

Here is the group strapping on our snowshoes.

And we were off...

The two lovebirds, Evan and Julie, trailed a little behind.

Fanny striking a pose.

The only reason Connie would laugh this hard is if she just nailed someone with a snowball.

It was absolutely gorgeous. Very different from the last snowshoeing trek I went (also on Mt. Seymour). This time, the snow was falling, and the trees were all covered with snow. It couldn't have been more fresh and fluffy. It was the best wintery playground you could ask for.

These kind of trips always reminds me how lucky I am to be living where I live. Beautiful British Columbia. That name doesn't lie. I've seen snow many times. And trees. And forests. But it never fails to amaze me still. A sight you gotta see. Completely breathtaking to say the least.

Being with nature and away from the city and such gorgeous view rejuvenates me. Just couldn't get over the surrounding beauty.

We ended up standing on the frozen lake. A big empty snowy playground of blankets and blankets of snow. It kept coming down, decorating the trees around us.

So of course... there was a whole lot of this. Connie pushes Vincent to the floor.

Fanny gives Connie a face wash.

And me, trying to be that discreet photographer documenting their snowball fight also gets a hit.

So I retaliated when Connie wasn't watching, and smashed her in the side of the face. It ended up in her ear... and it froze before she could dig it out. Hahah... whoops. Sorry, it was funny.

After some group photos around the snowman that we did not build, we hiked up to the peak.

And when we finally reached it, all we saw was fog. We never made it to the peak last time (nor did we know there was a peak). Apparently you could have seen a part of the inlet.

The fog against the snowy mountain left a clean view of white. Almost seems to signifies the start of a new year. A clean slate.

We found a spot around the trees hoping to help shield off some of the wind. Once you stop trekking, and it's snowy and windy on the top, it gets a little cold. 

Connie chills, while the rest pulls out a feast they prepared for the group. Some yummy tuna sandwiches and fruit. Refueling was much needed. Great preparation!

Group shot sans moi. (Most photos of moi are on their cameras which I still need to bug them for).

2.5 hours later, and a trek down the mountain which somehow led the group to disperse and lose each other until we met up at the beginning of the trails, we were done. So done. 

We chatted over cups of hot cocoa and called it a perfect day.

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