Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Lights

In the spirit of the return of NHL, I thought it would be fitting to post about the Christmas lights at Canucks Place. To be completely honest, I don't really care about the return of hockey. And every year we end up in the playoffs, I somehow get sucked into jumping on the bandwagon, and fit my work schedule around each playoff game. Yes, that's right. Work works around the playoff schedule. (As in, I've asked a coworker to work on her off day, and I'd take a vacation day just to watch a playoff game. And yes, it's as crazy as it sounds). So, I was kind of glad that there was no hockey.

But, if there was one good thing that comes out of these games, that would be that a fraction of ticket prices go towards funding for Canucks Place. If you don't already know, Canucks Place is a place that provides palliative and respite care for sick kids here in BC. I've had the pleasure of volunteering there before so I got to see firsthand what a magical place it is for sick kids and their families. It truly is. It's a place where kids with life-threatening illnesses get to be just kids.

This past Christmas, I paid a visit and enjoyed all their Christmas lights and decorations on their front lawn. Here's a little tease before I post more tomorrow night.

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