Friday, October 14, 2011

Day Off Adventure

We weren't going far, but we called it our adventure. Our destination was Park Royal. The choice, totally random. Our mission was simply to  enjoy a sunny Fall day. We took our route over the Second Narrows Bridge. 

Kat wanted to make a pit stop at a scrapbooking store. Although I was all for it, (... love scrapbooking stores!), I was a bit hesitant considering that I swore to myself that I will not buy more scrapbooking, or more specifically, card making supplies for a couple years. If you saw my stash, you'd understand why. We checked out Scrap Arts on East 3rd in North Van.

Printed papers and stamps are still better at Scrapbooking Warehouse near Marine Drive in Vancouver. Better in selection and price. They are just as pricey as Making Memories, but I still think Making Memories has better selection too. I also find that they have a lot of pre-cut material that they put together as kits... which I would say, spare the dollars and buy your own stock and cut it yourself instead. Heaps cheaper. All in all, still fun to scope out some ideas and such. I took a photo in the store which had the lady working there ask us if we were from out of town ... and then later, stating that photos were not allowed once she found out we are local. I have yet to explain to anyone that the photos are for blogging purposes when I take a photo, and I wasn't going to start today. Well, not going to post up the photo anyway. Not all that interesting.

After that, back on the road heading towards Park Royal. Kat spotted Sushi Town. I've never been so Kat thinks I should try. And well, glad we did. Decent sushi for very reasonal prices.

With the time we spent browsing the scrapbooking store and eating lunch, we decided to start heading home before we hit rush hour traffic crossing the bridge. So, yes, we never made it to Park Royal. Instead, we ended up at Michael's.... where I broke my rule in no more card making supplies. I caved and bought a few more stamps and inkpads. Kat did her share of damage too. We got so excited rummaging through the $1.50 bin. Ahh, the things that make us happy...

We headed back into Vancouver, and Kat decides to take me to Gourmet Warehouse. And by golly, I think I went to heaven and came back! I cannot decide what I enjoy more. Card making or cooking. Since I don't have a kitchen of my own right now, I haven't been able to do as much as I'd like ... but I love browsing kitchen gadgets just the same. So, this was like Kitchen Disneyland. 

Humungous selection of pretty much everything.
Salt. Yes, all salt.
Hot sauce, anyone?
Even party toothpicks... there are quite a few choices.

I told Kat, "What is this? 'Let's make Amie broke' Day?". Luring me into all these places and stores that have a lot of things that I like. She laughed. Now, I wonder if it was an evil kind of laugh... Nonetheless, it was fun exchanging enthusiasm for the things we love. Y'see, I love card making. I love colours. Art. Crafting. Being creative. In those ways. And might I add, I'm not too shabby at it. I also love cooking but I'm not great at it. I don't have my endless supplies and my own work station like I do card making, so I'm limited. If I spend money, it would be on paper and adhesives over pots and pans. Kat, on the otherhand, has a greater love for cooking, and esp. baking. But also has crafty hands too. Together, we were having so much fun sharing little tips and things about each. Now I know what meringue powder does.

We went back to Kat's place, and popped in the movie, Joy Luck Club. Surprisingly, I've heard so much about it but I've never read the book or watched the movie. We watched half of it before it was time for dinner. 

Ray decided on Brado on Commercial Drive. To be really honest, I had my hesitations. The front of the store was covered with tacky signs and pictures of all different sorts of foods. Ray said, "They have everything in there." No joke. Poutine. Pizza. Falafel balls. Schwarma. Bubble tea. You walk in and you see the different stands selling the different kinds of food.

We went for Lebanese food. Chicken schwarma, please. It came on a plastic, cafeteria-like plate. Ray made the observation and said in Chinese,"Straws don't look clean. Just drink from the can." 

But, I have to say... I was pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious. I ate all of it. I'm really loving these new finds on places to eat. Cheap and yummy. (Likewise, I would have never walked into the pho place on Nanaimo and 1st had I not known it was one that Ming frequents. Looks a bit shady on the outside. Again, surprised to find that they have really good Viet food. Little did I know, Ray and Kat go there too. #63 on the menu is supposed be amazing but has to be shared ).

After dinner, Ray dropped us off at the Croatian Centre for the Jayesslee Concert. Now that... I will leave for the next post! 

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