Sunday, October 16, 2011

Travel Expo and The Home And Design Show

After an amazing brunch with Shum, we walked the few blocks down to the Vancouver Convention Center. Fall is certainly in the air. It wasn't just cool, it was chilly. I had my thin winter coat and a scarf, and I was still shivering. Shum mentioned each Starbucks as we passed by them.

"Hey Ames! Look, a Starbucks!".

"Hey Ames... here's another Starbucks."

"Ames... this is the third Starbucks. Do you think we should go in?".

We were going to the Convention Center for the Travel Expo and we were meeting up with Ming. I thought, you know... because I'm the super nice person that I am... that we should perhaps wait for Ming before we went for coffee. Shum, being the even more nice person that she is... obliged.

Waiting inside of the Convention Center.

Low and behold, Ming walked through those doors with a cup of Timmy's in his hand. That bugger had coffee without us! Because he was cold, he said. And then the ragging began. "You got coffee without us??". "You didn't even think to get us one too??". "Did we not text you to tell you we were cold??". Well, for the record, we now know who's thoughtful and who's not.

We went to the Travel Expo first. Was hoping to find some good travel deals. But, we were too lazy to talk up the reps to see what there may be. There seemed to be a whole lot of people booking their next destination. For us, not so lucky.

Next stop : The Home and Design Show.  It had over a hundred booths, which took us a while to walk through. Most booths showcased items that could also be found at the marketplace in PNE. In fact, it is pretty much that plus a few more home decor and home renovation booths. It was interesting to scope out, but nothing to buy. Kat had warned me about them jacking up the price for the Zoku so I could only wonder what else is overpriced at these shows.

Shum found a sofa that she liked. And Ming and I gawked at a wine room. But that was it. Just browsin'. I was happy with the free parchment paper though. I can always use it.

After the show, we walked over to a Cafe Artigiano. I guess Ming tried to redeem himself and ordered all our drinks. Here is my chai latte... mmm mmm mmm. We sat outside sippin' our warm drinks with the cool breeze hitting our faces. Poor Shum... a sketchy, creepy lady came up to her and asked for money. Then, asked for her drink too. Well, she did her good deed for the day. 

What a wonderful Fall afternoon. The best part? The people you spend it with. (Even if one of them forget about your coffee. Shum teased and made fun of him all afternoon. I guess we're now even).

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