Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yew Brunch

I must apologize beforehand. Photos in this post may make you drool. 

Shummie bought a Groupon for brunch at the Yew. I've never heard of this place until people started buying their Groupon, and the rumour had it that they are pretty great. So, on a beautiful, sunny Fall Sunday, Shum and I decided to check it out.

It is located in downtown, I believe as part of the Four Seasons Hotel.

Beautiful decor. Big, bright windows.

To start, they gave us complimentary sugar donuts that came with a pear and lime(?) sauce. The only other place that I had complimentary donuts before our meal was at Glowbal. I'd have to say... Yew wins with their donuts. Super soft. Dunked in cinnamon sugar. And the sauce was yummy.

Shortly after, we got our appetizers. Yes, this is a three-course brunch.

My crab tacos.

Shum's lobster roll with passionfruit glaze

I really enjoyed my tacos, and shum her rolls. But my "appetizer" was so big, I was pretty full already. Yikes. Our waiter had warned us to pick lighter appies and entrees because most people get too full to even enjoy their desserts. Anyway, here are our mains...
My omelette with white cheddar, herbs and truffle 

Shum's benedict with dungeness crab cakes on the bottom

We split everything in half and shared. I loved both. What is there not to love?? I love eggs. Love eggs. In fact, it's something that I always have to eat when I'm on vacation. (I'm crazy like that). It's my comfort food. So, eggs plus truffle, what is there not to like! Shum's benedict... instead of a biscuit or bread at the bottom, there was a crispy crab cake. Again, so yum! All of it was super filling though.
My cobbler with warm okanagan fruits and rhubarb
Shum's bombolini. Italian beignets with strawberries and vanilla cream

Even though we were both full, we still enjoyed our desserts very much. My cobbler made me delightfully warm, and on a nice Fall day, it made me cozy inside. Shum's bombolini gives you an experience of a wonderful burst of flavours in your mouth once you bite down. Honestly, I would go back to Yew just to have these desserts again. 

The funny thing was, Shum was not pleased with their service when we tried to make reservations. Nobody picked up their phone when she tried calling several times, and finally, when she decided to leave a message, she never got a call back. In the end, on a different day, she did eventually get through and got the response that they were too busy or too full to take reservations. We decided to take our chances and just show up that day anyway, and noticed the restaurant was not even half full. I know. Typical of these restaurants. They want to accomodate walk-ins too so hence no reservations at busy times. I get it.

While we were enjoying our brunch though, Shum gets a call on her phone. I could hear her say, "Uhh... I'm sitting in your restaurant right now. Yes, I'm in your restaurant RIGHT now. Yup... yup... it's okay... uh huh. Bubbye." They decided to respond to her message days later. 

So, throughout our brunch... I don't know if they figured out who we were, but I swear there was at least three or four different people (who looks like they are part of management, and not a waiter ) who came up to us to ask us how we were doing. They didn't ask the people sitting next to us... on either side. It may or may not have anything to do with the phone call... but it was a little odd. 

Regardless, it was a super enjoyable brunch.

And all for less than $15 each! Thanks to Groupon. 

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