Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

In a nutshell :

I had booked the long weekend off in hopes to run the Turkey Trot, but being less than prepared, there was only gobbling and no turkey trottin'. I ate so much in the three days that I might need to roll myself into work come Tuesday.

So here goes ...

Saturday night was family Thanksgiving dinner at Auntie Irene's.

There was of course turkey with gravy and/or cranberry sauce. (I like both). There was also garlic mashed potatoes. Homemade lasagna. Ribs. Brussel sprouts. Zucchini. Carrots. And oh, don't forget the stuffing. It was so good.

Then come dessert...

Neopolitan cake from Sweet Obsessions. Dark chocolate cake with custard and raspberries in between. So moist and delish...

Pumpkin cheesecake also from Sweet Obsessions. A tad too heavy for my liking but also yummy.

Pumpkin pie from Costco. My absolute favorite. There is something about Costco's pumpkin pie that makes it the winner for me. I had them every year at Auntie May's when she used to do Thanksgiving dinners. Their mix of spices in their filling is perfect. A little more cinnamon than the rest? Who knows. But I love...

Ambrosia salad. It's funny... my cousins and I have had this at all special family occasions growing up. Ambrosia salad is practically a staple dessert for us. We don't have a lot of it. Just a couple tablespoonful. We love it. But whenever we invite friends over to our family parties, they always look at it and go, "What is THAT??." It's sort of a strange combination of marshmallows, canned mandarin oranges, pineapples, sour cream and cottage cheese. You should see people's faces when we make them try it for the first time... 

That was just the extent of desserts that I tried. The other half of the desserts were not photographed. 

Cousins all in their food comas... loungin' around watching The Proposal for the umpteenth time.


Brunch with Karen and Wendy at Aphrodites.

Their food is mainly made of organic ingredients. There are also vegan and gluten free options. But the best thing... they are known for their pies. We snagged a piece of one of their most popular one - the banana chocolate cream pie. I swear we also had omelettes and soups as our savories but no pics! (The bread was soft and fresh and so yummy, but my eggs were overcooked = tough). The pie was oh-so-good... fresh bananas and flavour so strong even through the chocolate cream part.

In the afternoon, I went with my brother to check out a brand new Starbucks. Love! I like a good Starbucks. Been craving a lot of hot drinks. Even though the weather for Sunday was pretty warm...

My empty cup of my pumpkin spice latte. Haven't had designer drinks in a loooong time, so by the end of it, I found it a bit too much and too sweet. The first sip though.... was heavenly. Mmm mmm .... pumpkin spice anything reminds me of Fall and its cool, crisp weather.


Change in weather. It was pouring... a pretty miserable day had there not been good, warm soup and good company. 

Had pho with Ming at a place on Nanaimo St. and 1st. Soup base was good and spring rolls were made well. I love noodle and soup on a crappy day. So satisfying.

Had the whole afternoon free so we took the car for a spin to Metrotown just to shop at T&T, one of my favorite supermarkets. We were trying to avoid the Renfrew and 1st location because we had trekked there before lunch, and it was insanely busy. Well, Metro was no different. It was so busy you'd think that their grocery was free. We agreed never to grocery shop during the day on a weekend again. But, we each got a bunch of goodies. Since the weather was so miserable... I craved tong yuen's (glutinous balls with different fillings inside) in a warm, sugary soup. 

By night, went over to Kat's for dinner and movie.

I only wanted half a cup. I was afraid the caffeine would keep me up... but like I said, I've been craving warm drinks. And it was so tasty. "Teet goon yum" milk tea. Really good. I ended up having two big cups. Ugh...

Was Dan patiently waiting for the movie or for the food? I think food.

He tried staving off his hunger with a quick session in the massage chair. (That chair is god-sent!).

...While the girls were up to their own mischief in the kitchen.

Dinner is ready! We watched American Fusion... pretty funny movie.

Kat and Maria made us popsicles. Mango/berry or aloe or black bean soy. I went for the aloe. I was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing afterwards, but it was good. Amazing how they froze so fast in Kat's nifty machine.

Pumpkin pie #2 from Bran. Again, my favorite! Not pictured, we also had my tong yuen's with a black sesame filling. Mmm...

And for the grand finale, we had "Stroop Waffles". They are all the way from Amsterdam! Lillian brought them back from her trip. They are extra chewy with the gooey caramel in the center, and absolutely amazing warmed up and served with a bit of vanilla ice cream. 

That was my weekend! Spent with family and friends... and a lot of food. There was certainly a lot of my "favorites". So, all in all, a great long weekend. I am thankful for it all.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! How did you spend your weekend?

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