Saturday, October 29, 2011

Doggie Trick O' Treatin'

**Warning** Cuteness overload.

Every year, Three Dogs Bakery donates a whack load of healthy dog treats to nearby stores, and they hold a doggie trick o' treating event for all dogs. Just like last year, I went along with my cousins and their dog, Cocoa (the chow). And yah, I know I've said in the past that I think it's wrong to dress up animals ... but wait until you go to an event like this and see how super darn cute they are.

Look at my backseat buddy in the car. Ain't she cute?

We reached W. 10th and joined the rest of the doggies on the street. Cocoa quickly got into her pumpkin costume (which attracted soooo many admirers).

Okay, I had to laugh here. Owners making their dogs pose infront of the stacks of pumpkins. And yah... the looks on some of these dog's faces shed pure torture. But, hopefully at least cute photo came out of their expense.

"Can I have my treats now?".

She wouldn't stay still.

Waiting at the door, "trick o' treat!".

This guy was one my favorites. Dressed in a frog costume and looking mighty miserable. 

There's always time to stop for a little warming up.

No,  that boston terrier doesn't have a lump on his head... that's his panda costume.

Owner drew on zebra stripes! With Crayola, so don't worry... totally washable.

Look who else showed up... Barney! Bzzz Bzzz... as a bumble bee. With that cute face, I'd give him extra treats.

That pony of a dog dragged his owner around. On the right, a passerby giving the bulldog a bum scratch. Apparently, that's the soft spot for all bulldogs. I think, for all dogs in general.

At the end of it all, you get to go to back to Three Dogs Bakery for a prize. Yes, all dogs get a prize. Cocoa ended up with an entire bag of dog food. And Barney got this squeaky Christmas tree toy. So cute! 

The pompoms on his hood coming out of his head makes him crazy adorable. Tooooo cute! Little did you know, while I quickly snapped this photo of him, he was busy growling and barking at nothing and everything... which triggered a whole train of dogs on the block barking with him. Oh, the little terror ... but, still one of the cutest.

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