Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The kids right before him were just leaving as he runs up the sidewalk screaming "TRICK O' TREAAAATT!!!". He must have been about four years old. He stops not right at the door, but in the foyer of the house. "CAN I PICK????".

At first, we couldn't hear what he was saying through all his excitement. "CAN I PICK???" he repeats.

"Oh! You want to pick your own candy! .. Sure!".

So he rummages through the big box of candy that we had, and took a couple. His mom was steps behind, and told him that he cannot pick through the candy like that. He must take whatever is given to him. But this boy wouldn't have that.

Karen, Lisa and I laughed at the whole scene. We remember him from last year. Last time, he ran into the house... ran around the livingroom... screaming, "WHERE'S THE DOGGIE???". (He knew there was a dog in the house). All the while, his parents were trying to chase him out of the house.

Kids. So cute.

Love it when people have spirit. (No pun intended). 

Happy Halloween!

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