Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Morning Boost

Frozen blueberries (that we froze from the freshly picked blueberries of the summer)
Plain yogurt
Drizzle with tiny bit honey

Blend with the Magic Bullet.

Then prepare yourself for something oh-so-goooooood.

I love the Magic Bullet, and I've professed my love for the mini blender to quite a few people before. It isn't one of those mighty industrial heavy duty blenders that blend even diamonds into a pulp. And no, when my smoothies are done, they aren't as smooth as silk.

But, I love that my drinks are still a bit chunky. "Lugging" a cup over to the sink to wash is much easier than a heavy glass blender. And the space it takes up on the counter? Non-existent. Because there is always room in the cupboards for a tiny thing like that, it always get put away. For a drink in the morning, that is as much fuss I'd put up with.

I enjoyed this in the morning while checking my email online. Then, off to work I went.

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