Friday, November 18, 2011

Card Making Session

Funny how I can check on my blog to the day. It was the October 14th post that I had written about introducing card making to Kat. I mean, it's nothing new. Nor was she completely oblivious to card making, but it wasn't until that day that I had sorta showed her a couple fun things about card making when we ventured into a scrapbooking store.

Tonight, she hosted a card making session. She had mentioned that I could bring my supplies if I wanted to... or use hers. I imagined we'd spend more time gabbing than actually creating anything... but once I got to her house, I was completely blown away at her stash of supplies.

This lil' lady just started her growing obsession with card making, and her supplies has doubled mine. (And I've been making cards for far longer). In fact, I learned a couple new things from Kat. For one, flocking powder. Something to give a fuzzy texture on your cards.

Leave it to Kat to go all out on any hobbies she picks up... and let her do all the researching and learning so she can teach you! It was one relaxing and super fun card making session. Let it all begin!

The Cricut - brings you into a whole new world of cardmaking/scrapbooking.

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