Thursday, November 17, 2011

From The Brother

On top of the microphone, I also got the Michael Buble Christmas CD. YAY!

That's Michael Buble wishing me a happy birthday.

The coolest part was the wrapping. My brother printed out a photo of "gie dan jie's" (bubble waffles - my latest obsession). Stuck the photo to cover up the CD. Then, wrapped it with wax paper and then brown paper. To finish it off, it came in a tiny white plastic bag. 

I didn't even get it at first. Why all that wrapping? He had to explain, bubble waffles always come in either a wax paper bag or paper bag... and carried in a plastic bag. Hmm, how is that for creativity?

To top it all off, there was also a receipt. He even mimicked the serrated ripping of the ends of the receipts. Hilarious!

And then of course, there was cake. 

This year, again, there were no parents. The past few years, I chose to go away for my birthday, and this year while I decided to stay home, my parents took a week long cruise to the Carribeans. Mom left a homemade video for my brother to play for me on my actual birthday. It was a whole lot of rambling about how she's on the boat as I watch this... and how she cannot tell me if she's having fun because well, the video was made before she went on the trip, so she cannot predict the future. Uhh, yes. Haha. You can guess where I get my ramblings about nothings from.

The video of course was still cute.

Oh, family. Gotta love them.

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