Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Milestone 30th Birthday

My birthday already felt complete after my celebration with my friends that night at La Buca, I couldn't have asked for more. I knew I wanted to keep the actual day pretty low key... doing things that I love to do. So, especially with the chance that I got with my parents being away, I knew I wanted to spend the day in the kitchen.

Feeling a bit sluggish after a long day of shopping from the day previous, I whipped up an easy, comfort-food kind of lunch.

Prep the veggies...

Stirfry the chicken (trying not to cook my camera with it...)...

Minutes later, I was enjoying a warm and yummy bowl of soup udon. (Must use frozen udon. So much more chewier and fresh tasting).

For dinner, I wanted to roast turkey legs. Turkey reminds me of the holidays. We only really get it for Easter and Christmas. So, since I'm celebratin', why not for my birthday too. 

First, brine the turkey legs. I first heard of brining through Jen, and then I learned about it through sifting through brining recipes and watching youtube videos. There is nothing you cannot do without the internet. 

After brining for 2 hours, the turkey legs went on top of a bed of roasting veggies and into the oven. They're looking rather pasty...


I bought this chutney at Granville Island a couple months ago. Check out The Stock Market. Pretty yummy stuff. It went really well with the turkey. Because of the mulled wine, it made a very fancy cranberry sauce. I loved it. Can't wait to make more turkey or chicken to have some more.

Absolutely delicious if I can say so myself! I would never cook a turkey again without brining it first. It made the turkey extra tasty and moist. I cannot wait to make this dinner again. So. Good. Even my brother and grandma agreed. A little bit of mushroom gravy... mashed sweet potatos (yam)... corn and snow peas... the only thing missing was some good stuffing. I'll leave that for next time. 

Pretty uneventful but satisfying day. Kitchen experiments make me happy. Happy Birthday to me!

More on this day in the next post...

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