Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me - Willow Stream Spa

My birthday present to myself. I would honestly trade away any spa experience for more moments of enjoying the small things. For experiences and moments money can't buy. Just sayin'. But it is my thirtieth birthday, so what the hey, I decided to treat myself.

And... it was absolutely heavenly.

Willow Stream Spa is divided into a Ladies' area, Men's area, and a common area. Welcome to the Ladies' spa...

Just stepping into this lounge put me into an immediate state of zen. Although the spa was shared with a few other people, with the great number of rooms and amenities, I felt like I had the entire spa to myself.

Iced cool towels were so refreshing especially after a few moments in the sauna or steam room.

I hear the Men's spa served muffins instead of healthy, nutty and grainy dessert bars... and also featured a widescreen TV perfect for watching sports. 

The outdoor terrace was just as amazing.

Grab a book or magazine from the lounge, and you can read inside... or how about one of these spots outside?

After changing into our robes and lounging around for an hour, we got our massage treatments done by registered massage therapists. It was one of the best I've ever had. I made sure I got her name so I may request for her shall there be a next time. Afterward our treatments, we were escorted back into this common area... and the table was set all set up for us.

 On top of the shiny bento box was a thank you card that also offered 25% off our next treatments. 

This was the inside of the bento box. Absolutely refreshing and yummy after a relaxing massage.

My RMT had told me to be sure to use the amenities to help the work done last longer. The heat will increase circulation and keep the muscles relaxed. So, after enjoying our lovely bento boxes, we stepped into their infra-red sauna. Especially on a cool, autumn day... the warmth of the sauna was especially enjoyable. Oh, how I loved it. 

Then, I took a dip in their outdoors jacuzzi. I soaked my feet while enjoying the night view. It was actually pitched dark there... but my camera has some pretty crazy night vision.

The view that you get to enjoy... for as long as you want.

I'd show you the steam room, but this pretty much sums it up. Camera in the steam room probably wasn't the smartest idea either.

Neither is bringing it into the shower.

Now, this is the Experience Room. Quite the experience, that's for sure.

You walk in and you're given six different types of showers to choose from. Of course, you have to experience them all.

This is not just a shower. It's a room made into a shower. It's enormous. And has a gazillion nozzles that essentially sprays you from every possible angle and direction. And each mode gives you a different "experience". Sometimes it comes out as a mist... sometimes in a stream... sometimes it jets. The nozzles will turn on and off to however it is programmed to. The display (yes, there's a display screen) also shows you the temperature change in the room. It goes up and down with the waves of the water... honestly, it freaked me out a little when I saw the temperature climbing on its own. This room should really come with a warning of what to expect! My cousin raved about the Experience Room before coming to this spa and swears that I have to try it. And now that I have, I'm a bit indifferent. Maybe if I had time to get use to it. Otherwise, I felt like I was standing in the middle of the Bellagio fountain... not knowing when and where the water would come from next. All it was missing was colours and a bit of music. I like my showers a bit more predictable. 

We were at the spa from 3-8pm. No time limit. All ours to explore and enjoy. I came out of the spa completely refreshed and relaxed. It was amaaaaaazing. I think it'll be near impossible to find another spa locally that would top this one. When the next time comes that I feel I deserve a treat, it will be an easy pick to choose Willow Stream Spa again.

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