Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homemade Brunch

Earlier in the week, I had talked about wanting to try out Cafe Zen for brunch, but when Sunday morning rolled in, we were both feeling very lazy. "We should have brunch at home instead... but I don't want to make you cook on your bum day". That's what Ming said. That's his "nice" way of asking/telling me to cook.


He did however help make the toast. With cheese and Singaporean kaya. 

We also had great company in the kitchen. Afina (the doggy) was super excited. Wagging her tail and poking her nose up high to see what kinda good treats we had. She ran back and forth alongside the counter. She is, however, camera shy. She'd be staring at me one moment, but once I have a camera in her face, she looks away. I guess she realizes it's not food. Ming says doggy's got to lose weight so she's on a no-snack diet. Poor Afina... 

A quick shot with my camera before I ate. Breakfast food is so quick and easy. I made the best, fluffiest eggs ever (according to me). Must have been distracted with Afina and didn't realize how many eggs I beat. 3? 4? ... I thought I was getting one slice of toast, but Ming ended up making a cheese and kaya sandwich. That in itself could be a lunch! Never had the combination of kaya and cheese before, and I must say it was pretty good. Topped off with some hearty sausages and a chai latte, it was one darn yummy homemade brunch. 

That's Afina poking her head over the coffee table watching us eat. Sorry doggy, no food for you!

She sat by me the whole time even though Ming was constantly calling her. She definitely likes me better! With good reason. 

Afterwards, Ming checked the egg carton, "You made FIVE eggs for the two of us?"

Whoops. Did I???

Most of my friends call me "Ames". Most spell it "Ames". Some spell it "Aimes". Either way... 

Now, how did Ming manage to toast my name on our sandwiches (for fun)?........................ : )

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