Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cauliflower Cheese Sticks

At the beginning of this holiday, my brother wanted to take on a kitchen experiment. He had originally picked macarons... which, if I'm right, may take more than a week and is an incredibly challenging thing to make which simply googling instructions may not do. That was what made him want to do it even more... because it's challenging. But, after a couple day's search for almond flour and then realizing that it's probably not a cheap feat at all, he kinda gave up on the idea.

I told him, perhaps you should choose a simpler experiment. You gotta at least make something in the kitchen if that's what you had in mind. So one night, while I was upstairs cleaning up a little, he was downstairs in the kitchen whipping up a storm. I had no idea.

So, to my surprise when I was done cleaning and face-timing Wendy in Australia, these babies were served at the kitchen counter and ready to be consumed. These are cauliflower cheese sticks. At least that's what I call them anyway. Healthier than the cheese bread alternative. And y'know what? Mighty delicious!

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