Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dinner, Spontaneously

Day off. I had marked down on my calendar that there's another Christmas gift show in town. This time at the Heritage Hall on Main St. Rounded up a couple of girls to go check it out. Right before headin' out, Ming said he'd come along. Hmm, really? Girly gift shows... Never imagined it to be his thing. But hey, not complaining. Good to know if the girls aren't available, there is someone else I can drag to these things.

While waiting' for Jen, we enjoyed a cup of Buckies. Adding to our numbers of Christmas In A Cups this season. Karen gave them her name and the barista confirmed the spelling before he wrote it down on our cups. "Is that with a K or a C?".

Karen replies, "With a K".

Miss in translation?...

The Christmas show was smaller in size compared to others, but with only a two dollar admission fee and much of the same beautiful gifts, crafts, and jewelry, nobody's complaining here. After our snail-paced stroll through, we ended up back outside with no other plans on what else to do.

Spontaneously, we decided, "let's cook dinner".

The "let's" part was used liberally. "Let's" really meant Karen was gonna do all the cooking. And we'd supervise. Which also really meant commenting and teasing her about her chopping and prepping method and her feeding-for-twenty "family" size. Good thing Karen can take a few jokes.

So, instead of wandering the malls or crowding at a restaurant, we enjoyed a delicious healthy homecooked dinner at home. Thanks Karen!

Barney also came over with Anthony. Barney wanted to play... And play.... And play. How could you resist a cutie like him?

Barney found his own nook in Karen's apartment. On her bookshelf. His mommy and her friends were all laughing at how ridiculously cute that was.

And of course, there is always dessert.

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