Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slow and Steady

I'm a little behind on my posts as I'm trying to keep up with life at the same time. Slow and steadily... hopefully, I'll catch up. Meanwhile, here are more food photos that were taken a while ago. Bro and I tried out two different "gai dan jie" places consecutively. Yes, one right after the other. To compare.

We hit up Cattle Cafe first. And also had dinner there. My first time trying out their noodles. My bro got some milky base noodle soup and I got a satay one. (Yah, a repeat of our hot pot soup bases??). Anyway, right after I ordered mine, I was regretting it. I could only imagine getting sick of that satay flavour after a couple bites. But, pleasantly surprised, the soup base wasn't too strong. I liked it.

The second "gai dan jie" place is from a restaurant that is called "gai dan jie" (well, written in Chinese). Verdict? Although the latter hit the spot with the flavouring as well, the consistency of the "gai dan jie" was more cakey and much more oily than the ones we're used to at Cattle Cafe.

I still looove the ones at Cattle. Always consistently crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside... and the bag is never oily.

Ming says, "When did you become such a "gai dan jie" expert?".

Umm. I dunno.

These are from Cattle Cafe. Mmmm....

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