Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Beginning Of Another Staycation

I've ridiculously decided to spend another week of my holidays doing another staycation. This time, in the dead of Fall-practically-Winter. As much as I'd love to make myself sound like the ever-perfect daughter, and decided to do this to help take care of my grandma while my parents are away on a "real" vacation... this is very much for myself too. 

After my years of spending every holiday travelling to some place new and exotic, I've come to think... what makes these kind of vacations so good? Is it because of the adventurous nature? The new and different sights? The feeling of relaxation? A get-away from reality? Probably all of the above. It makes us feel pretty darn good. Happy. But is this feeling only available abroad? 

My mission to my staycations is to find that feeling at home

Don't get me wrong. I love to travel. And it's wonderful that some people get to travel lots. To me, it's just as wonderful when people choose not to. The time is yours... There are a lot of things I want to do at home that I can never find time to do. So why not now?

One of the many definition of vacation to me is when I can get some proper scrambled eggs. I might have mentioned it before... a good, healthy set of scrambled eggs made right is always a good start to a day. Esp. if it's a vacation day. 

So, I made myself another hearty brunch. Mmm....

Look what I found while grocery shopping! It's only the beginning of November! Soon, we will be handing out cups of eggnog on Halloween. A bit surprised but not complaining. I welcome the holiday! (Even if it's before my birthday).

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